New Video Blog :D

21 Dec

Hello people ūüėÄ today i wanna share my new video blog you its on the recent film trom which by now is already in theaters and from reviews i heard so far it IS AMAZING haha so anyways check it out and i put Daft Punks Derezzed music video in the post so if you dnt wanna watch for the blog then watch for the Music video well C’ya



Name Meaning?

13 Dec

Well Ello Bloggies I was recently assigned to find out the meaning of my name and i came across….¬†absolutely¬†nothing!!!! Yup i¬†didn’t¬†find any meaning to my name i had given up but i thought well why not try spelling it the way that everyone usually spells it which is Jairo and this meaning came up:¬†Bright Son. i kept looking around and kept finding definitions like: God Enlightener and He who shines bright among the hebrews i found it very odd and¬†bizarre¬†that those types of definitions came up but I’m not complaining because i kind of like my name (even though it¬†wasn’t¬†the right spelling). well thanks for reading I’m Hed-Phown5 and I’m signing off c’ya- HedPhown5

Monthly Inspiration :D

10 Dec

Hello blog today is a good day to feel great just like everyday is and i know that some of you are sick at the moment but if you think about it, this day is just setting you up for a better day tomorrow or in a week from now. Well besides from that i wanted to try and share one of the quotes that we recently had written down and some are amazing but unfortunately i could only pick one sooo here ya go X]


–Michael Korda




9 Dec

Hello my Hed-Powners well today I’m phowning in on a special topic and that is what the title is,SPORTMANSHIP. By book definition Sportsmanship means “expresses an aspiration or ethos that the activity will be enjoyed for its own sake, with proper consideration for fairness, ethics, respect, and a sense of fellowship with one’s competitors. Being a ‘good sport’ involves being a ‘good winner’ as well as being a ‘good loser’.” So lets base my first example off of that definition this definition states all of the qualities that a person with good sportsmanship must have which is to be fair, to have good ethics, have respect for the game and others who are playing the game, and of course fellowship for¬†each other¬†even after the game has ended. But one thing that i find wrong about that definition is that if you have great sportsmanship and play with honor then there are no¬†losers¬†good or bad because you are all winners if you play with good sportsmanship. And its like i always say “Life is full of games that we play, but the most important is life itself” and thats why I’m telling you that sportsmanship is¬†necessary¬†in order to live happily because if you don’t have sportsmanship in a little game then yo wont have it for the most important game.

for sites about Good Sportsmanship Click one of the links below


Vid Blog Numbah #1

7 Dec

HAHA its finnally here after many failed attempts (and even having my  video removed) trying to upload this video blog of mine its finally here XD sooo enjoy so click on the here ya go for my first video blog

Le Stick!(HedPhown5 vid blog) from Hayro Boiton on Vimeo.

Thanks Giving Weekend!!!! XD

29 Nov

Howdy peeps haha hows it going i hope your working off all the turkey and/or ham that we got to have this thursday (i’m not XD) but hopefully you are¬†he-he¬†well this week was full f surprises like on monday. Well on monday i had gone to my friend, James’ friends b-day party and i¬†didn’t¬†know anyone there so it was kinda weird and¬†whack¬†so¬†we left to another party on i think templeton¬†I’m¬†not sure but it was better but still not that great but i got to meet lots of cool new peeps¬†including¬†this really cool dude from germany that looked evil¬†ha-ha¬†but the dudes pretty chill and kick back¬†ha-ha¬†so then we left to an after party ¬†where we all got to sit outside under the stars and just hang out and listen to music and i was happy because we talked about alot of interesting stuff. The next day i had noticed that the simplest thing that i had don’t the night before was the most fun and thats where i¬†learned that¬†the simplest thing is maybe the most fun you’ll have if you really just hang out you might end up¬†liking¬†it more than anything else haha

As for wednesday I had a dinner with friends and it was alot of fun. We had turkey,and pumpkin pie, and other treats. I guess you can call it our own little pre-thanksgiving dinner haha we all got to say some touchy feely things about how we all are thankful for each other and we ended the night with a movie and playing video games and the next day (Thanksgiving day) we had a huge party that was hosted by someone at our apartment building and everyone who lived there went it was a huge celebration and it was TOO much fun XD

And of course the day that we all look forward to after thanksgiving is BLACK FRIDAY a day where all the stores are having a sale on just about everything you can buy haha and all that running around from store to store is good exercise to burn off some of that turkey WOOT :D. This black friday was very successful and i enjoyed it a lot.

On saturday i had gone to pick out my laptop since i want to become a DJ i had chosen a laptop with an i5 processor so it could go super fast i just need a mixer,speakers,and a n eq i think but thats besides the pint haha i’ll leave a slide show that will explain how to be a DJ on here


17 Nov

Well its been¬†awhile¬†since i’ve spoken about music and i ¬†know i’ve posted about skrillex¬†before¬†but this time skrillex has just taken over the electronic music scene with alot of great remixes and new original releases¬†including¬†some¬†amazing¬†trance songs¬†featuring¬†a singer named penny but thats besides the¬†point. The point is skrillex has just amazed me at how he evolved and became just amazing haha so I’m¬†leaving¬†off with a couple of DL links for all of you to check out his music and one of the DL’s is Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and it is¬†AMAZING!!! but I’ll let you decide here ya go

Oh and another thing i’ll be posting some video blogs soon because of my new camera so when they come out please check it out well thanks c’ya -Hedphown5